To simplify and disseminate the 2015/16 Citizens’ Budget in collaboration with the MOFP so as to make it easily accessible and understandable for Jamaican citizens.

Specific Objectives:
Over a 3-months period, collaboration with the MOFP to:
1. Finalize the 2015/16 Citizens’ Budget, making it simple using easily accessible language and adequate charts and graphics to explain key concepts;
2. Disseminate the final 2015/16 Citizens’ Budget to civil society online and solicit at least 25 comments and/or inputs to the Budget from citizens; and
3. Host six (6) events/forums to promote citizen discussion on the appropriate levels for GOJ revenue, expenditure, debt and/or policy priorities affecting the GOJ budget.

The Project Activities will be implemented over a 3 months period as follows:

COMPONENT 1:  Brainstorming and Budget Finalization
A MDT will collaborate with the MOFP to discuss and finalize the Citizens’ Budget as follows:
1. Opening Workshop – with the ILE Directors, Administrative Team and the MDT.
2. Initial Briefing/Consultation with MOFP – where officials from the MOFP will present and explain the Draft 2015/16 Citizens’ Budget, review and finalize substantive content of Budget and discuss method and expected outcomes from the work of the MDT.
3. 1st Round Brainstorming Sessions – where the MDT will brainstorm the most appropriate way to simplify and disseminate the Citizens’ Budget.
4. Presentation of Draft SCB & Web Presence – MDT will present and discuss a Draft of the Simplified Budget and web presence with officials from the MOFP.
5. 2nd Round Brainstorming Sessions – The MDT will further brainstorm to address issues/concerns/new ideas raised by officials from the MOFP or arising from the discussion.
6. Citizen Engagement – A revised Draft SCB will be piloted with citizens by organizing 2 community-based workshops. After the Citizens’ budget presentation, discussion and evaluation, further modifications will be made to the Budget.
7. Presentation of Final Simplified Budget – The MDT will present and discuss the Final Version of the Simplified Budget with officials from the MOFP. Final modifications will be made as required by the MOFP.

COMPONENT 2:  Budget Dissemination
Two official Launch events will be organized in collaboration with the MOFP. The ICT expert will upload the 2015/16 Citizens’ Budget and use other methods, including social media to dissemination information about the SCB and the Launch event. Two additional workshops will be organized and at least 25 comments and/or inputs to the Budget will be solicited from the public. Radio interviews will be organized to further promote citizen discussion on the Citizens’ Budget and the appropriate levels for GOJ revenue, expenditure, and debt and policy priorities affecting the GOJ budget. A Closing Workshop will be held with the ILE Administrative Team and the MDT to discuss, inter alia, lessons learnt and recommendations on the way forward. A Final Report will be presented to the MOFP and lessons learnt and recommendations will be discussed.

Project Team
Judith Wedderburn – Member, Multidisciplinary Team
Rosalea Hamilton – Member, Multidisciplinary Team
Jeanette Calder – Member, Multidisciplinary Team
Fabian Henry – Member, Multidisciplinary Team
Dwayne Gutzmer – Project Manager
Phillipa Rhule – Project Accountant


Click here to view or download a copy Jamaica’s Citizens’ Budget and Guide



Contact Information
Dwayne Gutzmer
(876) 754-7701
(876) 754-9534